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Payroll is a business critical function – if people don’t get paid, you’ll know all about it! But more often than not, the time and cost savings that Payroll can deliver to an organization is overlooked.

At Immedis, we have first-hand experience of the value that can be realized through an effective payroll department and the use of global payroll technology to enable a global team.

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Processing payroll in 150 countries worldwide, our cutting-edge, cloud- based payroll platform provides a scalable solution that transforms payroll from manual administration to a secure, streamlined process with improved data accuracy. Available on any device, anywhere.

Gain complete transparency across your global payroll operations via a consolidated view available at the click of a button. Immedis allows you have complete oversight of the completion rates of payroll processing on one dashboard, from both global and local levels.

Impact business decisions and show the true value of payroll with the powerful reporting and real-time data analytics capability within the Immedis platform.

Enable your global teams the better understand, manage and respond to the costs associated with paying employees via the consolidation of data across global payrolls into a single currency. Drill-down to granular levels of payroll data via dashboards for a more focused view.

The Immedis platform seamlessly integrates with HR and Finance systems, providing you with a centralized single source of truth. With a reduction in the likelihood of errors and elimination of manual keying of information from one system to another, you gain valuable time back to focus on other value-add tasks.

Process Automation

Immedis allows for automation of inputs, information validation and payments. This equates to a significant impact on your day-to-day, allowing you to gain time back across the entire payroll cycle, improving payroll accuracy and allowing for a later payroll close.

The Immedis platform and business model is firmly built on a foundation of international payroll and employment tax expertise.

Our team understands what it takes to achieve global payroll success and are ready to offer advise and guidance on best-practice.

A robust partner ecosystem and management strategy in conjunction with readily available internal knowledge allows us to effectively provide the operation of in-country payroll calculations and processing in 150 countries across the globe, while also providing a valuable source of local payroll knowledge.

Remain confident in the knowledge that payroll, tax and data security and compliance is at the centre of everything at Immedis, with the implementation of GDPR and ISO 27001 measures across our people, processes and technology.

Through the implementation of robust technology design, testing and operational methods, we preserve the confidentiality and integrity of customer personal data from all threats, internal and/or external, throughout each stage of the lifecycle of our partnership.



We looked at a number of different providers, but this technology stood out as best in class. It’s clear that Immedis put a lot of R&D into the Immedis platform.

Jeff Pamplin, Chief Operating Officer

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